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Dear Racing Fancier,Brad Hoggan One Loft Race

You have just found the homepage of Hoggan Loft one of the most impressive Racing & Breeding collection of Janssen based Homing Pigeon's in America.  We travel to Holland and Belgium every year going to Top small lofts.  We are looking for birds with TOP performance in the 250-500 mile one day races. Birds that will be their week after week fast or tough races every week, and still winning more than our share of the short or longer races.
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We house here at Hoggan Loft record Race Cocks like Grand Casino, "de RICO", Mr. SPECIAL,  GOUDEN CRACK ( Walt Zoontjens), Maximus, Mr. CONSISTENCE, de Raket Boy, de Supper 22 and Mr.Blois . And other top producers like Dick's Choice, Aviator 11, Aristona’s Pride,  GENTLEMAN,  Golden Boy, GOUDEN CRACK ( Marijnissen, full Brother of DiDi Super Megastar, BACHELOR and ROZIERS Blauw.
And record producing  hens like Carla, Lea, Miss Casino Aries, PENNY LANE, Raket Girl, DREAM MOORSEL, Miss SPECIAL, Miss ROBINHOOD, Brigitte, Casino Aries 48, de Super 70, Golden Girl, Travers Hen, Sister WITPEN 21, Miss Casino . We have been importing direct from Belgium & Holland for the past ten years. From Loft's like Dick Marijnissen, Jan Ouwerkerk, G & S Verkerk, Peit Valk, Jan Kuijzer, Pouw Bro., Bleeker's and many more. Bringing in several top quality birds a year, for friends & ourselves.

We test the quality of our birds ourselves!
The quality of our breeding lofts has reached an absolute sensational level over the past several years. The secret is that we test the breeding and quality of the birds ourselves. We don't just breed pigeons, we Race them. It is our mission to fly only the very best quality Janssen or Janssen Based homing pigeons in the world. It is our goal also to breed the very best Quality Janssen's that we can find. As you can see by our race record we have the best Race Records in the Northern Utah Combine over the past several years.

The Northern Utah Combine consists right now of two clubs. Golden Spike or GS with about 10 - 15 members and our club the Rocky Mountain Racing Pigeon Club or RMR have about 12 - 15 members. In old bird in the past we have shipped with and released with The Wasatch Concourse. We fly a northern course into Idaho & Montana. 

Breeding from about 13 cocks and 18 hens in 2010. We only take 3 - 4 rounds from each cock keeping about 50 young birds for ourselves. We never sell a bird that couldn't be kept here for our own loft. . So when we do sell a bird we like it to be of the best quality. As you can see were not a production plant, for just selling pigeons. We take pride in what leaves our loft. And most important we fly our family.
Your Friend In The Sport…
Brad Hoggan - Hoggan Loft